Dermal Roller SR Home Use Range

The home use Dermal Roller SRTM combines two main advantages:

  • Improves penetration of all products into the epidermis. This simple yet effective method means that products get right to the area where they are to work and therefore give maximum results
  • Increase of the epidermal cells and the improvement of transparency

*Usable up to 6 months (2/3 per week)

The following observations were reported by users of the home use Dermal Roller SRTM after 3 months usage:

  • Reduction of pores and reduction of sebum production
  • Reduction of monthly breakouts
  • Softer, more transparent skin
  • Stronger, more resilient and protected skin

Suitable skin care products can support this effect.





Recommended for very thin, delicate, sensitive skin as well as / or micro-needling beginners.




Available for tougher skin types and those who are not new to micro-needle rollers.